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In praise of Windows 10, from a hardcore Linux enthusiast (seriously!)

What I like most in Windows 10 is that it’s the most flexible operating system for a hybrid notebook (a PC with touchscreen and dispensable keyboard) I have examined so far. Thanks to a “tablet mode” quick toggle, you can… Continue Reading →

The new generation of instant messaging applications will finally render internet communication useful again…. as it was when we used to send emails. :-/

High-contrast theme for Adam

This is a proposal for a high-contrast theme for outdoors use of an Android Honeycomb device with transreflective display (in my case, a Notion Ink Adam with Pixel QI screen). Here is how it could look like (click on image… Continue Reading →

Sunlight readable displays

I own a Garmin Gpsmap 76C gps unit. Its 160×240 display is capable of showing 256 vivid colors in direct sunlight with backlight off! Viewing angle is great, and can be used under heavy rain: I tried that on my… Continue Reading →

But does it run Linux?

On my way to Italian Linux Day 2011 I decided to pay homage to the old slashdot meme, by checking which operating systems my home appliances are currently running: Desktop: Linux (Ubuntu) Tablet: Linux (Android HoneyComb) Netbook: Linux (Android-X86) Notebook:… Continue Reading →

What the Wall Street protesters are angry about

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has a web application that lets you graph economic data from several sources. For example, you can chart “Wage and salary disbursements” (A576RC1) over “Gross Domestic Product” (GDP) : These charts explain what… Continue Reading →

How to transform a sluggish PC into a blazing SmartPhone

…without the “phone” part, but who cares about that anyway nowadays? I was reconditioning an Asus Eee 701, the netbooks ancestor. It can run Ubuntu, but it’s slow and most windows don’t fit the tiny 7″ 800×480 display. I tried… Continue Reading →

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